You bring the vision— we’ll handle the tech.

Don’t spend your time coding or drawing wireframes. Let us handle the tech and bring your moonshot idea to market.

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What We Deliver

We develop your tech vision along side with you and
assemble the right team for the job.

Zero Hassle

No payroll. No contracts. No interviews. It’s all done for you.

Simple Billing

Predictable Pricing— whatever size or structure of your startup requires.

Dedicated Team

From the CTO to the coders — all the talent you need, on-demand.


Everything from new features and upgrades to funding advice.

Noomshot vs
Other Alternatives

You get what you pay for. Noomshot doesn’t build prototypes.
We build beautiful, working products for you, ready
to scale to thousands or millions of users.

* Risk is measured as the probability the project might be delayed, overbudget, or have to be thrown away due to poor product-market fit.

How Noomshot Works

Complex capabilities — simple formula. Decide your budget and give us your deadline. We do the complicated part and you get the result.

Stage 1


We’ll review your deck to understand your idea — and hop on a call to evaluate the unlockable potential.

Stage 2


We deploy researchers, UX designers and insights specialists to scope the perfect market-product fit.

Stage 3


Drawing board to v1.0 in less than 6 months — so we can validate, test and strategize at pace.

Stage 4


Once you’re live, we’re on hand to maintain, upgrade and market the product, ensuring you stay ahead.

Our core skillsets

artificial intelligence
Intelligence data
Data analysis

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your next moonshot

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About Us

Our founders have deep domain experience across multiple disciplines. From CVML, Generative AI, and privacy-preserving ML, to digital strategy, action-oriented consultancy and business development — paired with a proven track record in founding and investing in sector-defining businesses. It’s the secret sauce that — when applied to your vision — unlocks immense potential for rapid and sustainable growth.

Ramphis Reyes
Georgy Marrero
Max Shah

We only take clients that we truly know they can succeed.

We take every application seriously — but potential is everything. You’ll hear from one of our partners to evaluate your idea further. Prepare to pitch.

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